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7 of the Most Outstanding Places to Practice Pilates in Raleigh


Pilates is the workout of choice for people looking to strengthen, lengthen and tone their entire body. There are a number of wonderful studios teaching both traditional and fusion versions of Pilates in Raleigh. Whether you’re new to Pilates or just new to the area, these seven standout studios have you covered.


Vive Pilates & Motion

New to Pilates in Raleigh? Vive Pilates & Motion offers free 30-minute intro sessions so you can see if it’s the right studio for you. Choose from private, semi-private and group instruction for Pilates mat and Pilates apparatus. No matter which format you go with, you’ll get individual guidance and correction that will help you strengthen, lengthen and tone your entire body.


Club Pilates

Club Pilates offers a number of classes that provide low-impact and full-body workouts. Start with Level 1: Foundation, if you’re a beginner or wanting to ease back into your Pilates practice. As you practice more and more, you can progress through a number of class levels to Level 2.5: Mastery. You can also opt for a non-traditional class such as CP F.I.T., a high-intensity, calorie-blasting cardio workout combined with Pilates-based strength training. Try a free intro class to get a taste of what the studio has to offer!



Pilates meets the barre at Barre-Up! The studio’s signature class combines the intensity of traditional barre-work with the structure and focus of Pilates and mind-body centering of yoga. The Pilates Mat class will challenge your core muscles with each movement as you use props and a mat. The Pilates Sculpt class starts with a warm-up and transitions into a toning workout using light weights and controlled breathing. The Pop Pilates class combines total body Pilates exercises with choreographed dance and energizing music that makes your workout feel like a party!


Pbx Pilates Barre Extreme

Where to Practice Pilates in Raleigh


Get the individual attention you need to level up your Pilates practice at Pbx Pilates Barre Extreme. The limited class sizes and skilled instructors will lead you through The PBX Method, which fuses the disciplines of Pilates, Barre and Yoga. The reformers and other class props engage all the right muscles for optimal results. Get pumped and stay motivated with heart-thumping playlists, whether you’re a beginner in the PBX® ONE class or trying the more advanced Circuit or Endurance class.


Bend Pilates

Bend Pilates offers private Pilates as well as group Pilates classes in the Glenwood South area. The Pilates reformer group classes are limited to seven people to make sure every student gets personalized attention from the instructor. The group classes include several reformer classes as well as a vigorous Pilates with Jumping class, which combines traditional Pilates exercises with a cardio element, the jump board.


Pulse Pilates

Pulse Pilates is a studio holding several small Pilates classes that range from high-intensity cardio workouts to relaxing, slow-paced classes. Take advantage of the free trial class for new students! The Candlelight Pilates class will let you unwind, relax and find your center after a long day. The Bodhi, Jump and Pilates class will work your entire body using a combination of suspension training, jump board moves and Pilates exercises.


Evolve Movement

There is a program or class for every schedule and fitness level at Evolve Movement! Join a group class to make new friends and learn from others. The studio also offers private and semi-private sessions for a program that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals. Drop in on a mat class to explore the format without any commitment. Find the perfect combination of classes that will make you stronger and healthier!


Where have you tried Pilates in Raleigh? What classes are your favorite? If you’re looking for a new home in Raleigh, we hope you’ll stop by Park Central Apartments to let us know! While you’re here, we’d love to show you around our high-rise apartment community in the Midtown District of North Hills.  Visit Park Central online at to schedule a tour or call us directly at (919) 800-0619.


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