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These 8 Spooky Raleigh Haunted Houses Will Make You Scream With Delight


Halloween is lurking just around the corner, and if you’re looking for some spooky local fun then we have a treat for you! We’ve rounded up eight of the spookiest, spine-tingling Raleigh haunted houses to visit this season. Enter at your own risk!


House of the Fury

House of the Fury is unlike any of the other Raleigh haunted houses. Rather than passively following hallways, fully immerse yourself in a bone-chilling scenario where the decisions you make directly impact what happens next. Each room presents you with a different choice that will leave you feeling on edge. All audience members must remain silent and wear a mask, which only adds to the creep factor. The House of the Fury is available for a very limited time only during the end of October. Get your tickets early in the season because they sell out fast!


Strange City of Edgar Allan Poe

Walk into the Strange City of Edgar Allan Poe and find yourself in a dark and twisted story that leads to a disturbing conclusion! Similar to House of the Fury, this production makes you the main character of the story and challenges you to leave with all of your wits. Watch as the characters and stories of the famous poet come horrifyingly to life right before your eyes! Tickets are limited for this haunted event so make sure to get them in advance.


Tic Toc Escapes

Skip the typical Raleigh haunted houses and race against the clock to escape from the Temple of Room at Tic Toc Escapes! You have 60 minutes to locate a powerful relic in the tomb and get out. Someone, or something, is determined to keep the treasure – and you – trapped forever underground! Will you make it out of the deadly passage before it’s too late?


Phillips Farm

During the daytime, Phillips Farm is a cheerful, welcoming place. But come nightfall in October, the farm is taken over by ghosts, ghouls and clowns who’d rather hear you shriek than laugh. See your worst nightmares come to life in the Field of Screams! Find your way through The Field of Lost Souls, down Rebellion Trail and into The Gore House and Big Top Terror. Everywhere you turn, terror awaits!


Panic Point

North Carolina’s top haunted attraction, Panic Point offers 50 acres of fright! Spook yourself with six main attractions, including the Haunted Forest, Dark Trail, Carny Crypt and Killers in the Corn. Challenge yourself with the dark and lonesome Menacing Maze and creep along on the Haunted Hayride. Plan on spending a couple of hours going through the 27 unique scenes. Stay warm by the bonfires and dance to the DJ’s music while hopping from one attraction to the next.


Harvested Farm Nightmares

What lurks behind the corn? Dare to take a look at Harvested Farm Nightmares in Garner. The farm has one of the best Raleigh haunted houses plus an overgrown trail and haunted corn field. Be ready to run from the undead, brain-eating zombies, escaped convicts from the prison and other mongrels lurking in the fields. Can you find your way out and avoid the curse of Walkers Farm?


Clayton Fear Farm

The Spookiest Raleigh Haunted Houses


Celebrate fright at the Clayton Fear Farm with 8 haunted attractions that will keep you on your toes. The Fear Forest Haunted Hayride will seem like the longest ride of your life as you wind your way through the woods and encounter generations of Phear family ghosts. Walk through the Slaughterhouse to see where the Phear Farm children learned to process meat at an early age. Keep your limbs close to your body to make sure you leave intact! End with a tour of The Farm House, which is anything but your typical farmhouse.


Darkside Haunted Estates

Get your fill of spooky thrills at Darkside Haunted Estates in Middlesex. Survive a number of haunted spaces, including the Mayhem Hayride through the backwoods and The Bundie Hotel. Do you dare to walk the ¼ mile haunted trail or visit the Insane Asylum? On Nov. 3rd, it’s lights out for the estates so you must face your fears with only the light of a glow stick!


We hope you have a spooky good time at these Raleigh haunted houses! If you’re looking for a new home in Raleigh, we hope you’ll stop by Park Central Apartments to let us know how you like to get in the Halloween spirit. While you’re here, we’d love to show you around our high-rise apartment community in the Midtown District of North Hills.  Visit Park Central online at to schedule a tour or call us directly at (919) 800-0619.


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