7 Sweet Places to Indulge in the Best Ice Cream in Raleigh


When the sweet tooth strikes, we all scream for ice cream! The messy, decadent dessert is the antidote to a hot summer day and the perfect companion for a ball game. These local parlors and sweet shops are churning out fantastic flavors and frozen creations, from hand-scooped sundaes to frozen yogurt. Here’s the scoop on where to find the best ice cream in Raleigh.



Located in downtown Raleigh’s historic city market, Treat, is a family-owned parlor serving hormone-free and antibiotic-free ice cream in Raleigh. The ice cream is brought in from the well-known Maple View Farm in Hillsborough. Try one of the many frozen creations, including sundaes and ice cream-topped donuts. Bring your four-legged friends in for a special scoop, served with bacon bits on top of a homemade dog biscuit!


FRESH Local Ice Cream

FRESH makes creamy homemade ice cream in-store from ingredients from local dairy farms. They make sure that the dairy they use comes from free-range cows and that it’s free of artificial hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. Ice cream cakes, scoops, sundaes, milkshakes and floats are just a few of the frosty desserts you can find here. The extensive menu of ice cream flavors includes permanent and seasonal choices. If you’re not sure what to order, the banana pudding and coconut almond crunch are two of the most popular flavors.


ICool Thai Rolled Ice Cream & Bubble Tea

Try a fun and trendy alternative to the usual scoop of ice cream at ICool. Watch as ice cream is rolled out in front of you and arranged in a cup with fun toppings. Make sure to have your smartphone ready to snap a photo for Instagram! Flavors run the gamut from chocolate with whipped cream to matcha green tea with fresh strawberries.


Goodberry’s Frozen Custard

At Goodberry’s, the ice cream is made on location every hour to ensure amazing freshness and flavor. Each batch is made using all-natural ingredients including fresh milk, cream, eggs, honey, pure cane sugar and natural flavorings. Choose your ice cream flavor and top it with rich chocolates, freshly roasted nuts and fresh fruits.


Two Roosters Ice Cream

Where to Find Ice Cream in Raleigh


If you have adventurous taste buds, Two Roosters Ice Cream will send shivers up your spine! All of the ice cream is homemade using milk and cream from Homeland Creamery in Julian, NC and N.C. State Dairy in Raleigh. The rotating flavors include unexpected delights like Leprechaun’s Delight with Lucky Charms and Earl Grey Lemon Cookie.


Sweet Spoons

Fill your spoon with a guilt-free alternative to full-fat ice cream at Sweet Spoons. The shop serves all-natural yogurt smoothies and frozen yogurt made with nonfat and low-fat milk. Choose your favorite frozen yogurt flavor and top with all sorts of topping!


Howling Cow

Howling Cow is a tried-and-true place to go for great ice cream in Raleigh. The flavors are old-school vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, but you won’t miss variety with ice cream this perfectly creamy and delicious! The ice cream is churned up by the folks at N.C. State’s Department of Food Science at several locations on and around campus.


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